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My Hungry Pal Teams up with Expat Moms Living in Punta Cana

We are so delighted to have this collaboration with one of our own moms, Camie Jean, Co-Owner and CEO of My Hungry Pal. This month we take a closer look at her business. We hope other entrepreneurs will be inspired and that others in the food industry will want to reach out to the My Hungry Pal team to see how their business can benefit from one of their custom/branded food Apps.

Want to know what others think of the My Hungry Pal team? Check out the Testimonials section below!


My Hungry Pal contact infomation:

Camie Jean

Tel: 849-633-1530

If you'd like to advertise with Expat Moms Living in Punta Cana, please contact us at for our Pricing Guide.

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