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5 Back to School Must Haves for 2023 (2-7 year old's)

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

It's that time again! Last year I was new to the expat game. I travelled light and didn't bring the "normal" back to school must haves. Things are expensive here in Punta Cana and choices were and are limited. Here are my top 5 back to school must haves for 2023.

I told myself I didn't need these, but I can't count how many times my son's things went missing or he came home with some other child's belongings. As parents, we know this is inevitable. I'm using these waterproof labels for his lunch box, water bottle, towel, blankets, clothing and his school supplies!

Last year I sent my son to school with a sheet for the bed, a pillow with a pillow case. I didn't realize that his school was going to send him home with it every night! I assumed it would stay in his class room. You know, in a cubby hole? I was wrong. I instantly regretted all the pieces of his napping experience. I didn't want to cave into buying more "stuff" but after fighting every morning to "stuff" it all all back into his bag, I'll be purchasing this cute foldable nap mat.

I'm adding this must have to the list. My son doesn't need it this year but last year we couldn't live without it! My son, like all kids, lives for play. School was really getting in the way of his play and so sometimes he would forget to go to the washroom. The teachers would see him squirming in a corner or he'd just lean into a pee right on the playground! He didn't want to stop what he was doing for fear of missing out. This watch was the life-saving reminder to go do the do already!

I usually opt-out of the school meal program and send my son to school with home-cooked meals. Not because I'm better than you (LOL) but because we're vegetarian household and some places, like where I live in Punta Cana, people still don't know what that fully means. So, I'm going with this Spiderman bento lunch box this year because well, we already have the Spiderman backpack!

I probably should have put these at the top of the list because of how ecstatic I was when I first saw them. My son still struggles to hold his pencil and crayons correctly. These are not expensive and I'll be curious to see how well it works.

And, that concludes my 5 back to school must haves for 2023! What are you're back to school must haves?

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